Thursday, February 17, 2011

Introduction of Me

Ok so my sister has said that I needed to check this out. That this is the neatest and greatest thing since sliced bread. So here I am. While she is rather witty when it comes to writing things like this and so very capable of entertaining, I am not so much! I more of the blunt, say whats on my mind, step on your toes kinda person. She is the peace keeper and I tend to me more of the trouble maker......;-)
So with that being said, Please take that as an advisory to continuing to read any and all of my blogs. If you are easily offended this is not the place for you.
So as if that isn't enough about me here is more: My name is Melissa. I am in my late 30's which means almost 40 :-(  I have 3 wonderful children who drive me completely insane.
My oldest is Jonathan. He will be 16 in April. So as if I wasn't crazy enough already, I had to get a teenager getting his license. Lock me up now!
Next is Hannah. She is 13 so do I really need to say more???? She is definitely her mothers child. I do see so much of myself in here. The main difference though is she says and acts like I never had the nerve to do. I guess that is because I knew I would pick my teeth up off the floor if I talked to my parents like that. She knows there is no repercussions which I get is my fault.
Next is the baby Levi! He is 9 and the apple of my eye. Don't get me wrong, I love all my children. And anyone with multiple children knows you don't love one child more than the others you love them all differently. And that is apparent in my house. Levi though just tugs at your heart strings. He just has that way to suck you in and you are hooked. You just can't help it.
Oh also in my house is the "Husband". We will discuss that later because that is a blog all to itself.
Well there you have it. This is the beginning of me.